KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless is different from ordinary treatments.
The usual treatment is to nourish hair with protein and other nutrients.
By supplementing with protein, it improves the texture and restores the health of hair.
On the other hand, let’s know that KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless does not supplement the nutritional proteins needed for hair like so-called treatments.
KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless has overwhelmingly different luster and texture than regular treatments.
It does not provide the hair with the necessary nutrition, but is a solution that dramatically changes the shine and feel.
It’s a neutral solution, so it doesn’t strain your hair.
That is the awesomeness of KAMISHITSUKAIZEN seamless.
With KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless, you can experience changes in hair quality that were not possible with so-called treatments.
The effect is popular by changing the hair quality to a youthful and glossy condition.
It is also recommended for those who are suffering from loss of luster of the hair due to damage such as color and perm and heat damage from daily ironing and hot curlers,
and dryness and spread of hair tips.
Hair quality improvement treatment is effective for hair that has been severely damaged and disorganized, or for people whose hair spreads due to dryness.

KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Summary of those who want to recommend seamless
KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless has the effect of spreading the curly hair that spreads easily.
* I am concerned about the damage caused by straight perms.
* I don’t like it because it becomes too straight and unnatural.
KAMISHITSUKAIZEN seamless is recommended for such people.
KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless is a natural straight finish that is not too straight, so when the hair grows, the boundaries are not noticeable and natural.

・ Hair has become thin
・ The firmness and stiffness disappeared
・ It has become habit hair
・ I started to worry about dryness
・ Bristles spread
・ There is no moisture
・ I can’t do my hairstyle well
・ Hair damage is terrible
・ Hair becomes wavy due to humidity
・ I want a straight perm, but I don’t want any more damage
・ I feel that the straight perm is too straight and unnatural.

If you have any of these problems, hair quality treatments can be quite effective.
Until now, hair problems that had to be given up can now be improved with KAMISHITSUKAIZEN Seamless.

What exactly is the styling process like?

Though it can vary in time depending on the the thickness and the length of the hair, the whole process is done in seven very precise steps that require many different neutral solution , techniques, and tools.
Taking at least less than 2 hours.
Step 1: Fresh shampoo to make sure hair is clean and ready to go.
Step 2: An neutral solution is applied evenly all over the hair and given time to process; the amount of time the solution is left in your hair depends on your hair’s texture.
Step 3: The solution is rinsed out and a conditioner and heat protectant are distributed throughout the hair.
Step 4: Your hair is partially blow-dried and then flat-ironed at an exact temperature to lock in the straightening solution’s effects.
Step 5: After the hair is straightened, a neutralizer is used to stabilize the pH balance of the hair.
Step 6: A treatment conditioner that corresponds with your specific hair type is applied.
Step 7: Hair is blow-dried again, this time in the direction of the cuticles to lock in your hair’s new shape and shine.

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