What is Japanese hair straightening?

Also known as “thermal reconditioning,” this permanent method of straightening hair traces its origins back to the ’90s in Japan. The meticulous process transforms curly, wavy, and unruly hair into luscious, silky locks.

Although it may seem like magic, Japanese hair straightening is actually a precise science. The process physically changes the internal structure of hair by breaking down the protein bonds that give hair its unique shape and texture. Once the solution is applied to the hair, a professional-grade flat iron set to an exact temperature locks in its effects, leaving you with permanently straightened hair.

What exactly is the styling process like?

Though it can vary in time depending on the the thickness and the length of the hair, the whole process is done in eight very precise steps that require many different chemicals, techniques, and tools.
Taking at least 2 to 3 hours. It can take up to 5 hours depending on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair being treated.
Step 1: Fresh shampoo to make sure hair is clean and ready to go.
Step 2: A pre-treatment solution is applied to small chunks of hair at a time to protect and prepare hair for the straightening solution.
Step 3: An activator solution is applied evenly all over the hair and given time to process; the amount of time the solution is left in your hair depends on your hair’s texture. This step can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to work.
Step 4: The activator is rinsed out and a conditioner and heat protectant are distributed throughout the hair.
Step 5: Your hair is partially blow-dried and then flat-ironed at an exact temperature to lock in the straightening solution’s effects.
Step 6: After the hair is fully straightened, a neutralizer is used to stabilize the pH balance of the hair. It will be rinsed out after about five minutes.
Step 7: A treatment conditioner that corresponds with your specific hair type is applied.
Step 8: Hair is blow-dried again, this time in the direction of the cuticles to lock in your hair’s new shape and shine.

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