TORCH’s nail technician is highly trained

TORCH's nail technician is highly trained and specialize in Japanese nail techniques.
We recommend Gel Nail to those customers who have thin nails to strengthen them, and nails can be attached without sanding for those customers who do not want their nails scraped.
It's a special type of gel that lasts up to 4 weeks.
The professional quality gel nail reduces nail damages to a minimum.
Enjoy the naturally finished, splendid nail designs.
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What is soakoffgel?

Soakoffgel is one of Japan’s most popular gel nail systems.
It is a breathable gel that is used to strengthen damaged or weak nails.There is no harsh odor and it is easy to remove without damaging your natural nails.
Soakoffgel is the best option for those who have a weak, thin, or brittle nail.
The color normally lasts 3-4weeks.If you want to remove,it better doing at nailsalon using remover for your healthy nails.

About MENU
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There are two salons at the south exit of Yamato Station.